Wednesday, June 7

Former IGN employee EXPOSES company review policies! Marvel and DC Comics PROTECTED by management!

We did get some shocking news thanks to the Hogwarts Legacy drama! A former IGN reviewer admits what we all knew, comic book media isn’t allowed to give Marvel and DC Comics bad reviews!

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  • Proof that MsheU exist all of these are in MCU phase 4 :

    Shuri beats Namor
    Kate Bishops beats Kingpin
    Casey Lang beats Kang
    Female Loki kills Kang
    Wakandan Female Warriors beats Bucky, US Agent easily.
    Scarlet Witch beats Dr. Strange
    Female Thor beats Gorr
    Shang Chi’s mother’s bullshit martial arts embarrased Mandarin

    Agenda is real they hate men.

  • Aren’t all reviews medias shill?
    Just look at movie reviews, many garbage movies get rave reviews, while those popular with the public get poor to mediocre review.

  • Everyone who knows I read (very few anymore) comics will always, inevitably try and push Saga on me and give me blank stares when I tell them I won’t read woke trash.
    It’s a good example of an agenda ruining a book that otherwise has everything going for it on draft sheet. It’s decent art over a setting that is equal parts grounded scifi, race-based low or hi fantasy adventure, and space fairing epic.
    And then the shovel pastiches of Trump, the coof, modern one-sided politicking, and just about every libdumb and alphabet person trope and agenda at you like a manure spreader. In a universe set in either a far-far past or future, or far-far away setting.
    Fuck Saga and fuck every other piece of shit they fling at the wall and try and explain to you why you should think it’s, eh hem, *The bestest evers!*.

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