Wednesday, March 29

LBGT Robin comic book gets CANCELLED after 10 issues! Holy get woke go BROKE, Batman!

First, some good news about the DCEU! Looks like, James Gunn is going to restore truth, justice, and the American way, to Superman. However, on the DC Comics side things aren’t so good. Batman’s side kick Tim Drake Robin, recently came out of his comic to a lot of hype. Well, it didn’t sell so good. It’s cancelled.

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  • I really hate that there is so much focus on sexuality. I get the feeling these writers want to have sex with these characters, or are virgins who can’t get a date, and so this is their fantasy, then they hide behind ‘progression’ incase it backfires. I just want to see heroes and villains fighting each other, not who is having sex with who.

  • All they have to do to “fix” Tim Drake was to rehire Chuck Dixon as writer… and it wouldn’t hurt to actually have artist who actually could draw either.
    I remember a story arc where Tim and Cassandra Cain teamed up (in both his book and her book) to solve a mystery. The idea was that Tim was the brains and Cassandra was the brawn. It really worked, the characters had a natural chemistry as he was crack wise and she basically didn’t get a thing he said, which made the jokes funnier. The best part is that both of their ambitions was to BE Bruce, but both also take different paths. Tim wants to be detective, while Cass wanted to be be the crime fighter. So in essence you were getting to characters who had the same goal but going about it in completely different ways. They just made a really great team and using THAT as the hook for a book would really work.

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