Wednesday, June 7

Gay Robin comic gets CANCELLED after 10 issues! Woke DC Comics fails again! Batman damaged?

First, some good news about the DCEU! Looks like, James Gunn is going to restore truth, justice, and the American way, to Superman. However, on the DC Comics side things aren’t so good. Batman’s side kick Tim Drake Robin, recently came out of his comic to a lot of hype. Well, it didn’t sell so good. It’s cancelled.

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  • So many of these woke comics just don’t sell. Sooner or later you would think that they would take a hint or someone would step in and demand they start writing things that will actually be purchased by the general public, or at least the comic fans.

  • Wait, 10 issues! I thought it would be 12 – 14 issues before they finally cancelled it. But yeah, I like the cover arts but after seeing what was in the comics I said “Nope” to that. To me, if both cover and the comic itself are really good then I would buy them. I was going to give it chance but for the sake of me, my taste of art, and sanity, I wasn’t going to subjugate myself on crappy art. Is the story good? I don’t know because I am not a fool collecting something just for the cover art. Now, I know that if the cover art looks really good, like OMG I must have it kind of good, I am going to wait for reviewers on saying how the story and art are. I would love to see the sales for that Robin series compared to the pervious versions. Come to think of it, what was the longest running Robin series?

  • As a non-American who thinks patriotism is fucking moronic (seriously, why be proud of something you didn’t achieve). I never really cared about the “American way” part of Superman. It limits the character to being nothing more than an American hero. Rather than the global hero he should be seen as. For early Superman who was FAR weaker than he is these days, it worked sticking to America. But he’s far stronger now and saves people all over the planet, regardless of who and where they are.

    Someone like The Punisher: Frank Castle is WAY more of an embodiment of “The American Way”.

  • I agree with almost everything besides the spider-man thing.
    Peter and MJ have already been done.
    Renew ur vows and blackout, the future where spider girl takes over.
    Besides this, writers can’t write romance.
    I prefer Peter and Gewn and House of M still the best interpretation of that couple.
    And they F’d that up with sins past rectcon or not same with one more day.
    That shit tainted…
    At this point, current Peter should hook up with silk for a fresh start.
    But I’m not reading the new comics, so it is what it is

  • I hear ya Flash, Tim Drake WAS my favorite Robin. He deserves so much better then this. They should have had him graduate to a new character like they did with NightWing. A damn shame, I can’t wait until all this BS is retconned & Mainstream comics get back to normal. ✌️

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