Thursday, December 7

What Do an Uneven Car Supply and Rising Interest Rates Mean for 2023's Auto Sales? | WSJ

Rapidly rising interest rates have made monthly car payments more expensive for many buyers. At Adam Lee’s Jeep dealership, customers are seeing something they haven’t in years: lots of new cars.

But while supply is returning, higher interest rates are hitting demand and sparking concerns that 2023 could be another turbulent year for the car industry.

Photo Illustration: Adam Falk

0:00 Will 2023 be a boom or bust year for the car industry?
0:57 What rising car inventories could mean for the auto market
2:42 Why many vehicle prices aren’t exactly reasonable right now
4:25 What factors this year will affect car demand?
5:35 How 2023 could actually be a ‘sweet-spot’ year for the industry

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