Wednesday, June 7

V Plays With Nikusa & Tabi! (Murder Drones Comic Dub)

Tabi and his wife Nikusa take a trip to the Murder Drones Universe and meet Tabi’s new crush V

Huge thanks to the artist for letting me dub their comics follow them here:

☆UZI, V, Nikusa, & J voiced by @jelzyart
☆N voiced by me 😀
☆ Lizzy played by @dollwantstova

The boy @animeronald

Hope you all are enjoying the new Murder Drones comics been having allot of fun with them and other stuff! But don’t worry gonna come back with allot of Friday Night Funkin, Five Nights At Freddys, Godzilla, and Pokemon projects soon! We have some big planes in the works so stay tuned!

Thanks for watching!

#tabi #murderdrones #nikusa


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