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Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash Review Photos Price

Today’s review is about Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash. Intimate washes fall under basic hygiene. Even if you are a makeup minimalist, you can’t really ignore this one item from your daily-use essentials.Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash Review Photos Price

Good quality intimate washes are still scanty in Indian market. I always choose soap-free and mild intimate washes. I have been using Clean & Dry wash for a couple of years now.

I got bored of using the same wash again and again. So, this time I bought Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash.

Pee Safe makes some really good toilet seat sanitizers and recently they came out with their ayurvedic intimate care ranges. This paraben and sulfate free intimate wash contains tea tree oil, witch hazel and lemongrass.

Let’s read to know more about Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash. 

About Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash 

Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash keeps you feeling clean and fresh all day long. Its unique formulation helps maintain the natural pH level of your vaginal area and keeps bacterial and fungal infections at bay.

This 100% Alcohol-free vaginal wash comes with the goodness of Ayurveda to take utmost care of your hygiene. The wash maintains a pH balance: 3.5 to 4.5. Enriched with antimicrobial Tea Tree Essential Oil, soothing Witch Hazel and a subtle fragrance.

Packaging: This wash comes in a clear plastic bottle. The bottle has flip-top cap but you can also detach the cap from the bottle by opening the screw at the base. The bottle came packed inside a cardboard box.

The packaging is very basic but its is travel-safe. There is no product wastage or spills. Pee Safe provides the active ingredients list in the packaging but the inactives are not mentioned. There is also a guide leaflet provided in the packaging to share important intimate hygiene tips.

Colour & Consistency: Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash has transparent and colourless formula. This is a liquid wash. The fluid is slightly thicker than water.

It is a sulfate free cleanser so there is not much lather. The wash does not waste too much water and also no annoying slimy residues.

Fragrance: In the pack Pee Safe mentions ‘Lemongrass fragrance’. The fragrance is definitely not of those fresh lemongrass kind. It smells like the A-D Vitamin oil I used as an infant.

The smell is very faint otherwise the weird fragrance would have bothered me. As soon as I wash it off the smell vanishes.

Quantity & Price: It costs Rs.180 for 105ml. The price-point is comparable to other easily available pocket-friendly intimate washes.

The brand runs 10-15% discount offers from time to time. You might grab it at a good deal if you keep track of such offers.

My Overall Thoughts:

To tell you the truth, I was quite scared to try out a new intimate wash. It came from a new launch range, there were not much reviews on the web too.

Fungal infections are common issues in intimate hygiene and intimate wash plays a pivotal role in the overall hygiene of those delicate parts of our body. When I used Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash for the first time, I was not happy with the odd fragrance.

But, the dermatologically tested formula performed quite well. It made the skin squeaky clean and the freshness stays for some hours. I think, using this once a day is enough. Some intimate washes make weird claims about skin whitening but this wash did not take that path.

If you ask for my opinion I would say, Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash is a basic hygiene wash for the delicate intimate part of your body. If you don’t mind the fragrance, this pH balanced wash is a budget-friendly option in the intimate wash category.

Rating: 4/5


*Written By Sreeparna

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